Vitapep snack peppers aren’t just delicious, they are also a very lovely product to boot and it’s easy to make a stunning amuse-bouche with them in no time at all.


Vitapep with smoked salmon

Preparation time: 0-15 minutes

Ingredients (6 amuse-bouches):

  • •3 Vitapep snack peppers
  • 100 g good quality smoked salmon fillet (Scottish, for example)
  • a few fresh sprigs of dill


1. Halve the Vitapep snack peppers lengthways and remove the seeds.
2. Thinly slice the salmon fillet into slices large enough to generously fill half a Vitapep snack pepper.
3. Finally, garnish with a sprig of fresh dill. Serve immediately!

This delightfully simple recipe is delicious. These amuse-bouches can, of course, be ‘enhanced,’ for example by first spreading the Vitapep snack peppers with a lemon mayonnaise or by varying the garnish.

Some tips:
Lemon mayonnaise: Mix a couple of tablespoons of yoghurt mayonnaise* with some fresh lemon juice. Determine the ratio according to individual taste but do ensure the lemon mayonnaise doesn’t become too thin. Using a small spoon, place some of the lemon mayonnaise on the open half of the Vitapep snack pepper and spread it out. Place the salmon on top of this, and then a sprig of dill on top of that.

Variations in garnishing: garnish the amuse-bouche with a little lemon zest (the grated peel of a washed lemon), an olive slice, some crumbled boiled egg, thin slices of green apple (e.g. Granny Smith) in lemon with a blob of sour cream, grey shrimp, or caviar (real or mock).

* Yoghurt mayonnaise is mayonnaise mixed with yoghurt; it is available in the supermarkets or made easily at home by mixing equal quantities of yoghurt and mayonnaise.