Introducing Vitapep

Do you know the feeling? You've been at work for a few hours, or you've been listening to the same biology teacher for what seems like forever as he tries to explain how the human heart works. It's quarter to eleven. Fortunately, you can take a break at eleven. You could use a pick-me-up. But what? A doughnut or cake every day is not exactly healthy, and you're getting fed up of apples and bananas…


we have something new for you. Introducing Vitapep - the fresh and healthy orange snack pepper. It crunches deliciously as you bite into it. And when this snack vegetable reaches your tongue, your taste buds are engulfed in a delicious, fresh, sweet flavour. Something you might not taste instantly is the fact that Vitapep is also full to bursting with vitamin C.

Just what you needed!

Where does this snack vegetable come from?

A few years ago, the horticultural industry was struggling. In order to create a stable financial situation, many horticultural firms opted to scale up.

However, that wasn't the option chosen by Zuidgeest Growers. They plotted their own course. They could have chosen the safe option, but instead opted to jump into the unknown; they decided to produce their own unique product.

But what?

After lots of brainstorming sessions, research using consumer panels, and a lot of trial and error, they made their decision. They were going to launch the orange snack pepper. Around eleven years ago, the first version of this crunchy snack vegetable was grown. Vitapep was born.

The Vitapep men

Patrick and Wim have known each other for years. Over time, they discovered that there was one thing they absolutely agreed on.

Normal is just too normal.

They like to do things in their own way. As they say themselves: it's much more fun to do your own thing than to simply follow the crowd. The two men are constantly looking for a tastier, better, and more enjoyable way of doing what they do.

And they've been successful!

The healthy orange snack vegetable is proof of this. They want this product to pleasantly surprise consumers. But that's not all they want; they also want to supply an equally tasty and much healthier alternative to the bag of crisps, the chocolate bar, and the handful of nuts, and thus to contribute to a healthier world.

New product, new challenge

Bringing a new product onto the market is great fun, but it's not easy. The two men started from scratch. There was no one they could look to for an example of this type of crop. There was also no concrete demand among consumers as the product was completely new.

It was an exciting time. They had no idea whether the rest of the world would be as enthusiastic about this healthy orange snack as they were.

They soon discovered that the new crop was not the issue. Gaining enough market attention for Vitapep turned out to be a bigger challenge. To help with this, they called on Tim. As Vitapep's marketing specialist, he sank his teeth into the challenge, and still does today.

It's been a success! More and more people are discovering Vitapep, and the number of consumers enjoying a daily treat of this fresh, orange snack is growing and growing. However, the men at Vitapep are not satisfied just yet. They are highly motivated and have an ambitious final goal: to get everyone eating Vitapep.

Have you tasted them yet?