Snack vegetables and kids: a golden combination

Almost every parent encounters the problem sooner or later: how can you get your children to eat a healthy and varied diet? It's not surprising - from birth, babies get used to the structure and taste of breast milk or formula. When first encountering a hard carrot on their plate that is difficult to chew, not every child will gobble it up without a protest or a whimper.

Allowing a child to get used to a varied diet requires a lot of patience and effort on the part of many parents. Even if your own child is the most easy-going child on the planet, the quantity of vegetables remains a challenge.

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Introducing Vitapep

Do you know the feeling? You've been at work for a few hours, or you've been listening to the same biology teacher for what seems like forever as he tries to explain how the human heart works. It's quarter to eleven. Fortunately, you can take a break at eleven. You could use a pick-me-up. But what? A doughnut or cake every day is not exactly healthy, and you're getting fed up of apples and bananas…

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